Settings for Authentic Learning


Internship Site Locations

At the Tennessee Internship Consortium in Psychology, interns are assigned to work site locations based upon personal interests and location requirments. Interns may work at two or more sites depending on situational demands. All interns will have the opportunity to work in school, clinical, and other settings during their time at TIC.


Korn learning, Assessment, and Social Skills Center

The Korn Learning, Assessment, and Social Skills (KLASS) Center is housed within the University of Tennessee College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences in Knoxville, Tennessee. The KLASS Center assists children and adults experiencing learning, behavioral, and/or social problems. The KLASS Center also provides training and research opportunities for graduate students and faculty in the University of Tennessee School Psychology Program.

Interns are responsible for leading assessment cases and running interventions (academic, time-management, social skills, and parent management). Interns also have the opportunity to supervise other graduate students throughout the year. Interns who are assigned school-based placements will take responsibilities at the KLASS Center after the conclusions of the school year.


Lenoir City Schools

Lenoir City Schools offers a positive educational environment consisting of an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school. Lenoir City is home to an increasingly diverse and growing population located fifteen minutes west of Knoxville, Tennessee.

CHS Knox.jpg

Cherokee Health Systems

Cherokee Health Systems is a leader in providing comprehensive, integrated physical and mental health services in community settings across Tennessee. CHS seeks to provide care to individuals regardless of insurance or income in rural, urban, and school-based settings.

Through TIC, the intern is contracted with Head Start cooperatives across East Tennessee. The intern is responsible for visiting a variety of Head Start classrooms and providing overall classroom management and behavioral strategies for teachers, teaching assistants, and parents. Interns also conduct parent consultations. During the second half of the internship, interns are responsible for more specific referrals and follow ups with challenging classrooms.


Sweetwater City Schools

Sweetwater City Schools provide numerous opportunities for school psychology interns to expand upon their current competencies. This site provides assigned and voluntary responsibilities. Sweetwater City School system has 4 schools, which ranges from Pre-K to 8th grade. Assigned intern responsibilities include completing psychoeducational evaluations, re-evaluation summary packets, conducting functional behavior assessments, attending eligibility meetings, and providing consultation services for parents and teachers. Interns will also could participate in kindergarten, gifted, and dyslexia screening. There are opportunities for academic and behavioral interventions. Overall, Sweetwater City Schools is a close-knit community that uses a collaborative approach to helping students in the community. Situated within gently rolling farmland, the city of Sweetwater is approximately  45 minutes southwest of Knoxville, Tennessee.


Anderson county Schools

Anderson County schools are located just northwest of Knox County. Interns placed at Anderson County Schools will assume all school psychology responsibilities at Claxton Elementary School. Claxton is home to over 500 students and includes grades Pre-K through 5. Intern responsibilities include: special education evaluations, participation in the RTI system, behavior team meetings to promote school-wide behavior interventions, and evaluations through Tennessee Early Intervention System (TEIS) and Child-Find referrals. Interns will also have the opportunity to consult with teachers regarding academic and behavior concerns and engage in direct intervention with groups and individuals.