Korn Learning, Assessment, and Social Skills Center


  • Assist students who struggle academically, need more effective learning strategies, or struggle with social adjustment
  • Train and assist parents and educators in identifying, preventing, and remediating behavioral, social-emotional, and academic problems
  • Provide research and training opportunities for the development and validation of innovative methodologies


The Korn Learning, Assessment, and Social Skills (KLASS) Center at the University of Tennessee was established through a donation from Tom and Pam Korn to help children experiencing difficulties with basic academic skills and socials skills necessary for success in school. The KLASS Center is housed with the University of Tennessee College of Education, Health, and Human Services and administered through the School Psychology Program in the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling. In addition to full-time licensed psychologists, the KLASS Center employs doctoral interns and graduate practicum students in school psychology to provide clinical services to members of the community, both child and adult, with learning, behavioral, and social concerns. The KLASS Center also supports applied research by associated faculty, interns, and graduate students in developing empirically-validated programs, methods, and services targeting these areas of need. 

KLASS Center Goals

  • Provide clinical and outreach services to students, parents, and teachers
  • Provide faculty and graduate students with opportunities to conduct research on academic and social skill deficits
  • Serve as a research facility for faculty members and graduate students studying the effectiveness of the services and intervention programs provided through the center
  • Provide training opportunities for graduate students
  • Validate and disseminate research findings from studies conducted through the center
  • Seek additional funding sources to support the work of the center


Interns will work with KLASS Center staff and graduate practicum students to provide assessment and diagnostic testing, academic, behavioral, and social skills interventions, and consultation services. KLASS Center interns may also assist in providing contracted school psychology services to area schools and provide leadership and supervision to doctoral practicum trainees.

Korn Learning, Assessment, and Social Skills Center

413 Claxton Education Complex
1122 Volunteer Boulevard
Knoxville, TN 37996-3452

Phone: 865.974.6177
Fax: 865.974.0135

Email: klass@utk.edu

Website: https://klass.utk.edu