Sweetwater City Schools


The Sweetwater City School System strives to provide a diverse and individualized instructional services to inspire, enable and prepare all students to be responsible, successful members of the competitive global society.



The Sweetwater City Schools mission is to improve the lives of the children in our school community. Every decision we make and every action we take must be based on one criterion –that which is in the best interest of our children. It is our responsibility to provide a quality learning environment, knowing that children learn best:

  • When they are involved
  • When they experience success academically and socially
  • When their emotional needs are met in a nurturing environment
  • When they feel safe and secure
  • When learning is meaningful
  • When parents and adults are involved
  • When the teacher accepts professional responsibility for the child’s learning
  • When they are taught at their development level

The school system has carefully developed a positive relationship with the parents of its students and the community at large. It can truly be said that the entire community supports its children and their families through its support of the school system. A child upon leaving the Sweetwater City Schools should have a firm academic foundation, particularly in language arts and math, for continued learning in high school and beyond and should be prepared to become a responsible member of the community.

School-Based Setting

The Sweetwater City School District is located in Sweetwater, Tennessee, and serves over 1,500 students in grades Pre-K through 8. Children attend one of four locations: Sweetwater Primary School, Sweetwater Elementary School, Brown Intermediate School, and Sweetwater Junior High School. Within its student population, approximately 43% of students are economically disadvantaged, 20% of students have a disability, and 6% of students are English Language Learners.


The school psychology internship at Sweetwater City Schools provides a continuum of experiences including assessment, consultation, observation, interviewing, report writing, small group and individual counseling, and crisis intervention.

Experiences are available across the ranges of child development from birth to three programs through eighth grade. 

Interns are encouraged to develop independent as well as collaborative skills for working in schools.

Sweetwater City School System

Central Office
220 South Clark Street
Sweetwater, TN 37874

Phone: 423.337.7051
Fax: 423.337.6773

Website: http://sweetwatercityschooldistrict.weebly.com